Dt. Reema Hingorani Madhian | Nutritionist In Noida In Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Reema  Hingorani Madhian

Nutritionist in Noida ( Noida, Uttar Pradesh India )

Dietitian Reema Madhian winner of title 'Best Dietitian in Delhi / NCR' at the Global Lifestyle Awards 2015 . Dt Reema is an eminent and well known Health and wellness consultant in Noida with over 19 years of experience in Nutrition and wellness industry.She applies the holistic approach to nutrition,weight and health management ,while incorporating correction to address specific problem to obesity,nutritional imbalances and dietary irregularities, she offers scientifically designed program based on individual needs and individual body types as every person is different and the effect of food on each person varies accordingly.She has headed various VLCC weightt loss clinics in Noida and has extensive experience in handling people who want to lose weight and who want to get rid of therapeutic problems like thyroid ,diabeties,PCOD etc.Dietitian Reema Madhian is running her own 2 weight loss diet clinics in Sec 27, Noida & in sec110, Noida 

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