Dt. AMRITA BHARGAVA | Nutritionist / Dietician In Indirapuram In Delhi, Delhi, India

Nutritionist / Dietician in Indirapuram ( Delhi, Delhi India )

 I started my career as a Nutrtion Educator with Kellogs Mumbai, where in i used to conduct education programs for children in various schools. Slowly and eventually, being in the field of nutrition I learned that being healthy and fit can make a huge difference to one's life. It encourages mental positively,thus accepting your body and in turn giving you the strength for the new challenges of life.More importantly, you learn how beautiful the human body can be. And thats what I want to pass on to each one of you. I also follow my program and take utmost care of what and how much I eat. This makes me beleive that everyone can do the same with a little motivation and guidance. Before setting your goals you just need to be certain of what and why you wanna do this.I therefore thought of making people learn to eat properly by giving them the hope that no matter what worse has happened to you, one can easily kick back to a regular and a healthy eating system by making few changes in your lifestyle pattern which are not just temporary changes but eventually becomes a part of your life. I have always beleived in making you  loose  weight in a natural and healthy way,in a medically correct manner while eating a wide range of foods.When you can eat good and healthy food n maintain a healthy lifestyle.....y do u wannna starve n harm your body.... I follow the approach of " MAKING FOOD YOUR MEDICINE AND MEDICINE YOUR FOOD"  and thats what i want each one of you to follow.

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