Dt. Urminder Singh | Nutritionist/ Dietician In India
Urminder Singh

Nutritionist/ Dietician ( India )

Dietitian/Nutritionist Urminder Singh (awarded as "The best dietitian/Nutritionist in Chandigarh" by The Governor of Haryana and The winner of "The Best Weight Loss Specialist in Tricity") with an experience of 6 years and passion to make millions of people fit and healthy is the best introduction of Dietitian Urminder Singh. Online diet plans are available and online consultation is provided. Recently his "sixpack" diet gained huge popularity ! This online dietitian ( India ) says,  He has a vision to Make India Healthy also run his clinics ( Doctor Fitness ) in Chandigarh and Mohali. As per Urminder, our body is the most sophisticated machine and its weight loss is just one aspect. Urminder is a nutrition researcher now ,who has diverted many years into research to apply full proof techniques for weight loss and other lifestyle diseases. As per him apart of profession an ideal nutritionist should have zeal and better connect with his patients so he can provide a customize diet plan . Specialized in treating various lifestyle disorder and Six pack diet plans, Dietitian Urminder says, it makes me more satisfied and energetic seeing lifestyle disorders like Hypothyroid, Diabetes, PCOS getting reversed and I strongly believe my role in this life is to help people achieve a better health !Whether you are remote, on a tight schedule, having a medical problem or too lazy to visit my clinic, you can still avail my diet services ONLINE!"My dream is not only making people fit and healthy but educating them along the journey so they can maintain their health for lifetime and this fitness and health education become contagious."Don't forget to check our Facebook page and other website for daily updates:www.facebook.com/nutritionisturminderwww.nutritionisturminder.comwww.nutritionisturminder.zest.md CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) - Dietitian/Nutritionist is working as health partner with leading NGOs of Chandigarh, some of them are Aasman Foundation and Nirja Foundation. He is giving free consultation to poor people in villages. Apart from it you will find health articles written by him in the columns of leading newspapers as well. His most read article is "Diabetes is not chronic" 

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