Dt. Vibhuti Sharma | Dietitian In Modinagar, Ghaziabad In Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
Vibhuti Sharma

Dietitian in Modinagar, Ghaziabad ( Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh India )

I, Dietitian Vibhuti Sharma have the passion to help you achieve weight loss and health goals, with 3 years of experience including Intership at Max SuperSpeciality Hospital,St.Stephen's Hospital ,Delhi India. "Being a nutritionist, I love and promote optimal nutrition i.e. balanced diet". Online diet plans/charts are available and online diet consultation is provided.This experienced online diet consultant says "I have 2 years work experience of diet clinic ( Dr. Shikha's Nutrihealth Systems in Delhi ) to serve people who want to achieve their health and fitness goals in the safe and natural way through balanced diet and nutrition. I provide customized online diet plans for weight loss, controlling obesity, diabetes, thyroid, stress, beauty/skin glow and other therapeutic disorders.Whether you are remote, on a tight schedule, having a medical problem or just too lazy to visit my clinic, you can still avail my diet services ONLINE!"It has always been my dream to create and promote good health and fitness through good food. My aim is to guide, educate and motivate my patients about how healthy eating can contribute in bringing health, wealth and happiness together in their lifestyle."Don't forget to check out:Blog: www.dietequations.zest.md/blogeClinic: www.dietequations.zest.md

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