Dt. Anumol Jojy | Dietitian In Perambakkam, Chennai In Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Anumol Jojy

Dietitian in Perambakkam, Chennai ( Chennai, Tamil Nadu India )

Welcome to  e-DietClinic Nutann !!  I am Anumol Jojy , a qualified Dietitian from Chennai , India registered with Indian Dietetic Association with 7 years of experience.My career has included one to one consulting, working in hospitals, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and corporate health and wellbeing programs.Nutann e-Clinic translates complex scientific evidence into practical solutions to promote 'Better health and well being'.I have a passion for good eating habits and my areas of focus are Pediatric and family Nutrition. A healthy diet begins at home and it's the foundation of a healthy lifestyle for years to come.Nutann e-Clinic is a fun place for parents who are seeking practical tips on how to feed a healthy diet for  their kids and also help them to grow a healthy relationships with food for life.My Mission Provide professional care and advice on an one-one-one basis to suit your nutritional needs  Respect each individual needs and requirements and provide ample guidance How Can I help You?I love in the world of dietetics. My goal is to present the nutritional information in a real and easy way to understand the clients.A healthy lifestyle is one of the best choices one can make. Living a healthy lifestyle includes a balanced diet and regular exercise. However, if you suffer from certain conditions, you can improve your quality of life by making the correct nutritional choices. My Dietary treatment is based on the following. Weight management (weight loss or weight gain) Diabetes Mellitus (Type 1 and 2) Diet for Kids  High cholesterol Insulin resistance Metabolic syndrome Hypoglycaemia (Low blood sugar) Polycystic ovary syndrome Gut disorders Food allergies / intolerances Fertility and Pregnancy Healthy Eating  Vegetarianism

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