Dt. Mansi Jarare Sathe | Nutritionist In SB Road, Pune In Pune, Maharashtra, India
Mansi Jarare Sathe

Nutritionist in SB Road, Pune ( Pune, Maharashtra India )

I am Dietician / Nutritionist Mansi Jarare Sathe from PUNE, Maharashtra.I have more than 5 Years of Experience in various Health Centres,Hospitals and aanganwaadi's.Diet and Excercise goes Hand in Hand and therefore,I completely beleive in and Aim at Balanced DIET and NO Crash Dieting.For a Healthy Wealthy Life , one should completely follow and stick to Balanced Diet and Daily Exercise Regime.My Fields of Specialization are:-Weight Loss And Weight Gain Management.Diabetes Care And Management.Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Care and Diets.Healthy Diets for Good Living.All Types of Therapeutic Diets.Protein Energy Malnutrition Management."Gain Healthy Life With Balanced Diet." ,

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