Ms. Nidhi Mehta | Pediatric Nutritionist In Pune In Pune, Maharashtra, India
Nidhi Mehta

Pediatric Nutritionist in Pune ( Pune, Maharashtra India )

Dietitian Nidhi Mehta, have always been passionate about nutrition and correct lifestyle and eating habits. Dietician Nidhi Mehta have always promoted them and grown up with good food eating habits. It was no surprise when I selected Food Science and Nutrition as my major in my under graduate course. Nutritionist Nidhi Mehta completed my master's in the same field. As Dietitian Nidhi started working with Nestle, I realised the need to promote healthy food eating habits among normal people and especially among children as they are the growing population! For specialising in that field, Dietitian Nidhi have completed a PgD in Pediatric Nutrition with distinction. Nutritionist Nidhi Mehta have been working in this field for last 17 years helping many individuals maintain a healthy lifestlye. Dietitian Nidhi Mehta also conduct workshops to promote basic knowledge of nutrition as she believe that if a person has some basic knowledge, he/she can manage without a specific diet charts. 

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