RD Prachi Bohora | Registered Dietitian In Delhi, New Delhi, India
Prachi Bohora

Registered Dietitian ( Delhi, New Delhi India )

I, Registered Dietitian (RD) Prachi Bohora, have the passion to help you lead a healthy lifestyle and improve your quality of life with my experience of integrative and holistic nutrition. By combining my passion for food, nutrition, and fitness my goal is to help each of my clients find a healthy and happy relationship with food and exercise. MY motto: "Life is stressful, your diet shouldn't have to be!"My approach to nutrition is evidence based backed by research and clinical experience. Food does not have to be a huge source of stress in your life. And you don't have to give up your favourites to be healthy. If you would like to break free from the food prison, and feel more confident about your eating, you are in the right place!When you work with me, you will discover new ways of thinking about food and move closer to your own personal wellness vision. I have helped guide my clients / patients to get off the diet roller coaster, have helped people become intuitive eaters so they can stop obsessing about weights, numerics, food and start eating in a way... rather, start enjoying eating again in a way that feels good and satisfying for their body and mind. With the world turning digital a thought came to me why not get Diet support online? Why not ask an expert what to eat, how much and at what time to achieve our goals (obviously look the best!) and lead a healthy life? Here I am, Prachi Bohora, a Registered Dietitian, Certified Clinical Dietitian and a Diabetes educator with "NOURISHIA" (my e-clinic) to help you just with that. What began as a desire to make myself healthy through a regimen of exercise and proper nutrition soon became a passion to learn more and more of bodily wellness through balanced diet of nutrients, super foods and supplements. The zeal drove me to achieve the prestigious degree of Registered Dietician with specialization in diabetes and clinical disorders. In a span of 5 years I have worked in hospitals advising people of all ages with obesity, diseases and lifestyle related bodily ailments find a nutritional balance in their eating habits so that they feel and look healthy. With digital disruption, all around @ NOURISHIA, I intend to help you not only achieve your fitness goals but also lead a sustainable and active life. Due to tight schedules and fast-paced lifestyles, with hardly any time to visit clinics, this e-clinic facility is a boon giving you freedom to get personalised diet advice at your convenience, place and time.Why wait then, good health is just a click away!

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