Dt. Arpita Agarwal | Nutritionist Fitness Consultant In Kota In Ganpati Nagar, Bundi Road, Kota , Rajasthan, India
Arpita Agarwal

Nutritionist Fitness consultant in Kota ( Ganpati Nagar, Bundi Road, Kota , Rajasthan India )

I am Arpita Agarwal, Practicing dietician and Personal fitness consultant.I have been associated with various medical organizations for more than 19 years and therefore have vast experience of dietary requirements of Hypertensive patients, Heart patients and patients who have undergone Bypass surgery, Diabetic patients, Children aged 1 to 16 years, New mothers and Weight loss needs of obese men, women and students. Presently working as Chief Dietitian with leading hospital BVPH and Research Centre.For years as a DIETITIAN and later on as personal fitness expert, I used to see many people struggle with weight issues, cholesterol problems and diabetes, and I wondered why we can not have a simple and effective program which is fun to follow. How could I advise a program to my patients which was so difficult and boring that even I could not have done it? I always wondered is it not possible to create a health program which is personalized, simple to follow and fun.Out of this dream, what emerged IS ARPITA'S NUTRITION PLUS in year 2011, my health centre at Ganpati Nagar, KOTA, Rajasthan. I am giving various offline as well as online diet (e-service) services.Nutritionist Arpita's Nutrition Plus is unique in many ways e.g. In my guidance you will choose your food but No burden to eat food which you donot like at all. No crash diets which leads to serious imbalance of nutrition in your body. You will learn the techniques to choose food intelligently even during festivals, celebrations (Birthday,Marriage, Kitty parties etc.) Your exercise schedule will be quite appropriate to your needs and capability to perform them. No strict regime but flexible and fitting to the atmosphere at your home.The idea is to avoid generalized diets, starvation or boring solutions, or any gimmicks, instead work with the client to first understand the nutritional and fitness needs of the person and then make customized solutions.   "Being optimistic and a Positive attitude is the first step to achieve a good health and lifestyle."

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