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Neha Mehta

Nutritionist in Andheri West, Mumbai ( Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra India )

I, DIETITIAN NEHA MEHTA, have been working since 17 years along with registered well known doctors of Gujarat, Dr. Baxi and others.                                 TIRED OF YOUR UNHEALTHY BODY ?? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR THEN? COME CONCERN ME FOR YOUR PERFECT HEALTHY BODY!                                      Stop wishing to lose weight and take action to change your fate.       ->> Specialised in :>>Stearitily, >Pregnancy,>Height gain, >Obesity, >Gaining  weight,>Rhumatism, >Healthy hair and >also Healthy and fair skin.           WHY SHOUD YOU APPROACH ME?                            DIETS these days aren't only trendy but have become essential these days. Approaching me, wont only help you to get a perfect diet, but also assured results. I am very strict wih my diet plans, I WONT STOP YOU FROM EATING BUT WILL ADVISE YOU "HOW TO EAT". Change in the pattern of eating has helped all my patients to achieve their goals.       3. NO OUTSIDE FANCY FOODS BUT HOMEMADE HEALTHY AND DELICIOUS FOOD IS WHAT MY DIET INCLUDES.                                    Being a mother I know how important a child is for a parent. Ive never faced failure for my infertility diets. I give my 100% when it comes to giving such diets. I exactly know how essential a child is, and when parents aren't able to give birth to the same, I know their pain as well. Talking to many of the inferile patients, their problems and their struggle,I have tried my level best to give assured results, and also have succeed in that.                   I've always believd that taking medicines are never better than approaching for perfect healthy diets. Diets helps to cure more faster than only medicines.                My diets plans for losing weight are as simple as "Eat right and the pants won't be tight."           Youngsters today dont eat right and then are concerned about weight issues. Eating junk isn't  wrong, but, to some extend ONLY, when the border is extended that is when people face weight probems. But now, NO WORRIES!!           My perfect diets along with your perfect co ordination will surely result in your perfect body weight.                                  SAY GOODBYE TO HEALTH PROBLEMS AND GIVE YOUR HEALTHY BODY A WARM WELCOME.   

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