Dt. Ruma Singh | Chief Dietitian In Ludhiana In Ludhiana , Jalandhar , Moga, Phagwara , Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India
Ruma Singh

Chief Dietitian in Ludhiana ( Ludhiana , Jalandhar , Moga, Phagwara , Hoshiarpur, Punjab India )

My Principle of life is 'Eat Healthy, Be Healthy."Ruma Singh has 30 years of experience in the field of therapeutic nutrition and weight loss management program. She writes nutrition related articles for the leading newspapers and magazines. She is invited by various groups of people (schools, gyms and retirement homes etc.) to deliver lectures on nutrition. She has written a textbook for nursing students, (Food and Nutrition for Nurses) published by J P Brothers Medical Publishers, which is extensively used nationwide. She has developed disease specific nutrition education material for patients. She is keen on helping patients suffering from various diseases. She is a specialist in Paediatric-Oncology Nutrition. She is invited by local colleges and university to deliver lectures on various topics. She believes in natural and realistic approach i.e. balanced diet and daily exercise. All diet plans that she provides are tailored made especially for you based on your likes and dislikes, biochemical parameters, if applicable, and will suit your daily routine. She helps people to achieve their health and fitness goals. Her ultimate aim is to bring up the awareness amongst all groups of people. Food is an inevitable part of everyone%u2019s life.  We all eat food but the key is the selection of right foods and in right amounts. This will help people lead a quality life. The importance of nutrition begins before conception and if a woman possesses a good nutritional status, her offspring will definitely be healthy. She has guided several obese/overweight patients who have achieved their desired goals in a natural way.   

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