Dt. Neera Kumar | Nutritionist / Dietician In Sarita Vihar, Delhi In New Delhi, Delhi, India
Neera Kumar

Nutritionist / Dietician in Sarita Vihar, Delhi ( New Delhi, Delhi India )

Neera Kumar is a post graduate in Dietetics and Public Health nutrition and is a qualified dietician and nutritionist with over 16 years of experience in nutrition and healthcare.She has extensive experience in handling people who desire to lose weight and have other associated problems.She believes that the foods we eat greatly affect our performance,appearance and health and that a healthy diet is a major factor in achieving weight loss and in maintaing an optimal weight and health, along with dedication,motivation and positivity.She has been practising as a free-lancer and has developed a huge clientele over time mainly through word of mouth.The diets that she gives are simple and can be easily prepared at home.Contact her to achieve your weight loss goals.

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