Dt. Ritu Bhatia | Best Nutritionist In Faridabad In Faridabad, Haryana, India
Ritu Bhatia

Best Nutritionist in Faridabad ( Faridabad, Haryana India )

Ritu Bhatia is a Clinical Dietician & Consulting Nutritionist from Faridabad with over  9 years of experience in Nutrition and Wellness Industry. She works with fitness enthusiasts, people with medical conditions like diabetes, PCOS, hypothyroid, heart disease and other lifestyle disorders, overworked corporates and almost everyone who needs to achieve a state of health and well being.Dietician Ritu (Faridabad) entered into clinical practice, after completing B.Sc from Delhi University and later specialization in Nutrition and Dietetics from the Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition (PUSA).  She doesn't believe in quick fix diets, but rather in making positive changes for the life time. She applies the holistic approach to nutrition, weight and health management, while incorporating correction to an underlying specific problem. All diet plans are personalized and customized as per individual eating habits and lifestyle and contains food options that are easily available & practical for you.Consult Dt. Ritu Bhatia and start your Health journey from Today!!

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