Dt. Fundisa Matanga | Nutritionist/ Dietician In East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Fundisa  Matanga

Nutritionist/ Dietician ( East London, Eastern Cape South Africa )

Our team of Dieticians will help you set your goals and help you step by step to achieve your goals.How can Dieticians at the nutrition clinic help you:  we are experts in offering health coaching services about healthy food choices and changing your digestive health problems ,selfcare practices, how to manage diet related disease conditions, control food cravings and maintain your ideal healthy weight.We are experts in giving advice for :1. Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure , high cholesterol, stroke , diabetes in pregnancy and weight management.2 . Before and after gastric bypass3. Food allergies and intolerance's: are you always bloated , constipated, have heartburn , food cravings,4. Healthy eating in pregnancy5. Fussy eaters, underweight children6. Improving eating habits  or weight loss for the aged.HEALTHY COOKING SESSIONSOur team of Dieticians and Chefs offer  training in healthy cooking  with easy recipes. Only a skilled cook knows how to prepare a meal in just a few minutes , cooking shouldn't be an effort and that is the reason we suggest that everyone should learn to prepare their own meals. Learning the art of simple meal planning will help you get all the nutrients you need as well as independence from take always.( Healthy recipes , green juices, healthy smoothies) click here....GROCERY SHOPPING SERVICESWe take a tour to supermarkets to give guidance about food labels. After this tour you will be able to read and analyse the contents of food packages and be able to have good food

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