Dt. Dr Nitisha Sharma | Nutritionist In Udaipur In Udaipur, Rajasthan, India
Dr Nitisha  Sharma

Nutritionist in Udaipur ( Udaipur, Rajasthan India )

Prevent Life style diseases like Diabetes, Heart, Obesity, High lipids profile (cholestrol, triglycerides, LDL, VLDL) and other symptoms that can cause Health troubles by special and effective diet counseling with renowned Dietitian Dr. Nitisha Sharma through online, Telephonic diets, whatsapp diet help or Face to face counseling. She has been counseling people in India and World with personalised approach and care from years.  Find Healthy way through Healthy Diet Plan Be Slim Be Healthy!! Dr. Nitisha Sharma   Specialization in Nutrition Meal Planning Weight Loss, weight Gain, reducing tummy / belly fat Normal Nutrition during Adulthood, Pregnancy & lactation, Infancy, childhood & Adolescence & nutrition requirement for elderly. Therapeutic Modifications of the normal diet in terms of consistency, carbohydrates, Proteins, Fat, Minerals & Calories. Nutrition & Weight Management. Specific diet Therapy in Gastro- Intestinal Disorders, Disease of Liver, Cardiovascular Disorder, Diabetes mellitus, Renal Disease, Surgery, Cancer & Diet Therapy, Inborn Error of metabolism. Miscellaneous diets. Experienced in Nutritious low-cost menus with in the economic means of the majority of the people. To handle the situations by giving enternel Feeding formula%u2019s where ICU Patients are likely to face nutritional problems & adequate nutritional Support are essential part of critical care.

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