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Sonal Mehta

Best Nutritionist/ Dietician in Hubli, Karnataka ( Hubli, Karnataka India )

If staying healthy,staying trim,getting your body to work at its optimum has never been optional, then this is an adress for you.I will change your concept of weight loss and dieting. My diet clinic will help you modify your lifestyle and is a remedy for better living. It is not about weight loss its about 1. Eating smart, 2.Eating many more meals per day, 3. Eating right, 4.Being active, 5.Staying hydrated throughout the day. My Diet Clinic will change the way you look at food and your own lifestyle forever. I am Sonal Mehta Diet Counselor and Nutritionist with 5 years of experience and have consulted more than 1500 clients.  I am Graduate, with distinction in Nutrition & Dietetics, from St Ann%u2019s college for women Hyderabad, and Post Graduate in Dietetics and Food Service Management from IGNOU and also a Life member of Indian Dietetic Association Bangalore Chapter. A full time Consultant, presently working with diet and diet related health problems like Underweight, Overweight, Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Gastric Problems, Cancer, etc. and has counseled many about a healthy lifestyle. And working as freelance diet counselor in Hubli. I conduct talks and presentations for various associations and for NGO's on topics of interest in health and nutrition. I have intrest to create consciousness among the people to stay healthy and stay fit, with my venture  %u201CFIRST STEP NUTRITION%u201Dand my online consultation through zest.md,Uclap,Dr.Lybrate. More and more people are falling prey to crash diet programs available online and they are not aware of harmful effects of crash dieting and therefore i will counsel them through audio or video options online as i fell nutritional counselling is most important before we enroll them for any diet program. In this fast-paced, high-stress society, where everything going online, why not the diet? My e clinic; Weight loss Diet Clinic of Dietitian Sonal Mehta helps you attain optimal health by personalised diet plans and motivating diet counselling sessions. Looking after your health today gives you a better health for tommorow!   So if you are looking for a weight loss and wellness program in hubli Dharwad or in North karnataka region then do connect!! Not in these area, no problem! I provide online weight loss program and by registering on this eClinic you can get started.NO Fad / Crash Diets, NO Starvations, No Gadgets and No Unsubstanciated claims! Sonal%u2019s diets aims at overall nutritional correction with comprehensive individual assessment,  with long term results and  benefits You can view our reviews and experience of our clients who have successfully reduced weight through healthy weight loss diet charts.  My clinic %u201CFIRST STEP NUTRITION%u201D provides nutrition care and counseling with health issues such as: Obesity and underweightCardiac problems like hypertension, atherosclerosis (plaque formation in arteries), dyslipidemia or cases with high cholesterol levelsDiabetes both Type 1 and Type 2Renal diseases like Renal failure, Kidney stones, DialysisFood allergies like Lactose intoleranceLiver diseases like liver cirrhosis, jaundice or hepatitisGout and osteoarthritisAll digestive disorders like Pancreatitis, Peptic ulcer, Constipation, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis, malabsorption syndromeAnemiaPregnancy and Lactation  I believe that a little care to eat healthily, a little effort to exercise regularly and a couple of liters of water a day will keep most of today's diseases at bay "It is your God given right to be Healthy, Wealthy and Beautiful - don't give it away!!". please do like my facebook page first step nutrition. for regular updates.  

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